Online Business and Investment Seminars

Our nationwide Online Business and Investment Seminars on the global forex market and crypto ventures strives to offer the participants a unique yet locally tailored face-to-face sessions on how various global financial markets (forex market, stock market and crypto market) operate and how PNG citizens can participate in this markets online.

The 2-days seminars introduces the largest financial market in the world, the global forex market with the daily trading value of 5.3 trillion dollars a day to PNG citizens whom can participate online. Basically, there are three ways in which anyone can get involved with the market.

  • Learn and Trade yourself (the seminar makes referrals of where you can get educated to trade yourself)
  • Allow professional traders to trade for you under Terms and Conditions (T&C) and pay you commissions (the seminar introduces digital platform that participants can explore as well as options to explore the stock market on PNG Shares Market via PNGX and ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). Also the opportunities in crypto market to explore. The seminar introduces all these opportunities to PNG citizens.
  • Copy Trading (social trading) is getting copied results from a master trader on a broker platform. The trader does not trade for you but he or she trades for himself or herself. You get hooked up to his or her trading results via a licensed broker, the trader and the broker will charge you between 10% to 30% and the rest is paid to you. The seminar introduces this opportunity and makes recommendation where you can go and how you can join a copy trading broker.

The seminar outlines bitcoin, the world's first crypto currency, its use as a method of payment. Individuals, businesses, organizations and government departments can seek to use bitcoin as a method of payment. PNG's local MSME software developer, Kumulsoft, has accepted bitcoin as a method of payment and buy Microsoft products using bitcoin.

Some of the first global big companies whom have accepted bitcoin as a method of payment include the following:

Howarig Traders through its seminars advocates for businesses, individuals, organizations and government departments to consider bitcoin as a the cheapest, fastest and more reliable payment method for your ease of operations.

Other topics in the seminar include:

  • What is blockchain?
  • What is Crypto Currency?
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • How to buy bitcoin online using Visa Debit Card.
  • How to convert Bitcoin and crypto assets into cash Kina?
  • How to register on a broker platform to trade?

The seminar also makes referrals to learn more.