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Our 2-days seminar has produced a self-learn eBook for those who are interested but not attending. The easy to follow step by step eBook is on sale for K100 for a soft copy. The manual is distributed during the seminars, those who attend the seminar do not buy this separately but those who cannot the attend the seminar can buy it. The highlights of the topics contained in the eBook are covered in the seminar. They include but not limited to: How the global forex market works and how PNGans can get involved. The three (3) opportunities in which PNG citizens can participate in the forex market. The Key Players in the global forex market. Opportunities in the stock and where/how PNG citizens can get involved. The Crypto Market and how PNG can benefit online. How to read and avoid scams on the retail forex market. Bitcoin as a method of Payment. Two important reasons why bitcoin is widely accepted What is blockchain? What is crypto currency? How to register and start your trading account. How to buy bitcoin using Visa Debit Card in PNG. How to convert crypto currency (bitcoin) into cash (kina). Image: eBook

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